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MoverworX Management Software: 
Import email leads.  Sales automation.  Automatic emails.  Productivity.  Security.
A product of: GINGON Solutions

CUSTOMIZATION: MoverworX customized for your needs. Simplify your business!


Moving Software customizes to fit your needs. Each moving company is unique. As a result, MoverworX offers a number of tools to customize the software in a number of ways in order to run your company more efficiently and maintain your unique corporate identity!

  • Email Template Customizations
    • Customize the Emails that are sent with your logo, content, "fine print" and quote layout.
    • Unique templates for Estimates, Booking, Closing, Cancelled,  For Sale.
    • Unlimited templates that can be selected when sending individual or broadcast emails.
  • Download Email Leads Preferences
    • Setup email boxes to download moving leads
    • Choose how long to Keep Emails on the Server.
  • E-Remind™ Preferences
    • E-Remind allows you to send hundreds of emails in one click!
    • Choose how often you want to send E-Reminds
    • Choose a maximum number of E-Reminds
  • Web Site Customization
  • Make your own Data Backup Schedules
    • Choose where to backup you database for disaster recovery.
    • Choose how often to perform automatic backups of your database.
  • And many more!
    • As an owner level, choose specific customizations
    • Four different levels of security and preferences!
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